An Analysis of the Presentation of Human and Democratic Rights Abuses in Amelmal’s, Yältäkoäche Guzo (1974- 2018)

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Gemechu Bayisa
Tesfaye Dagnew
Tesfamariam Gebremeskel


The main objective of the study is to examine the depiction of democratic and human rights abuses in Amelmal’s, Yältäkoäche Guzo (Unfnished Journey). One of the considerable importances of literature all over the world is its use of sympathetic and attractive literary language to expose basic human right abuses since human rights are also part of human life. Therefore, analyzing the roles of literatures that are written in Amharic language in portraying basic human rights violations is paramount. However, literatures written in Amharic language are not well studied from human rights violation perspectives. This article, therefore, explores how the violations of basic human rights are depicted in the selected novel. Because there was no computable data used, the study considered qualitative research method. Regardless of the system by which a country is ruled, human rights are inviolable because they are innate. The analysis of the novel, however, depicts that the inviolable human and democratic rights of human beings have been violated. The fnding of the study showed that the depiction of human and democratic rights violations was explicit. It showed that people’s rights to life, rights to equality, rights to liberty, and rights to election were abused during the two political regimes. 

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