Recruitment and Selection Practices As Strategic Factors for Employee Performance: A Study of Selected Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

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Sulaimon, A. A.
Hassan, B. A.
Ebhohon, E. M.


The study examined the impact of recruitment and selection practices on employees’ performance of selected deposit money banks in Nigeria. Survey research design was used to obtain primary data from 126 sampled managerial staff of the largest six deposit money banks (DMBS) through a four point likert scale questionnaire. Hypothesis were formulated and subjected to linear regression statistical test at five percent significance level with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). Results showed that recruitment and selection practices have significant impact on employ- ees’ performance of the selected DMBs. The study concluded that recruitment and selection practices of the DMBs is a potent tool explaining the performance of employees in the deposit money banking industry in Nigeria. The study therefore recommended that recruitment programmes of DMBs must be properly planned and flexible as this affects the quality of prospective staffs that eventually emerge from the selection procedures and their consequent performance on the job.

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