Violence, Defiance and Determination as Morally Justified Traits: a Cognitive Poetic Study of Women’s Representation in the Novel Tiqurua Pilot

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Abraham Melkie


The fundamental subject of morality is wellbeing; one’s own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others if possible. This happens when an experience of well-being regularly coincides with another experience ‘X’, hence, there shall be a sensible assumption that we will develop a metaphor with the form of Morality is ‘X’). Then, it follows that every thought and act is moral and virtuous as long as it ensures one’s own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, given the standard with which we measure things as moral or otherwise is protection of wellbeing by any means possible. Accordingly, the researcher investigated how Biruk Kebede uniquely portrayed Rosy (an Ethiopian emigrant in Bremen, Germany) in his novel. Consequently, this study found out that Rosy is exceptionally represented as a Violent, defiant and determinative woman in contrary to the submissive behavior of women in Ethiopia and their usual portrayal in the work of arts as beautiful, emotional and irrational beings.

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